Schooley Mitchell

Office: 2012 Tomshire Dr. Gastonia NC 28056

Mobile: 704-460-7068

Schooley Mitchell is a contingency-based expense reduction consulting firm.  We negotiate deals for local businesses in an effort to find savings.  If we uncover savings, we split it with the client, no savings = no costs for the client.  In 2019, we approached MACC and giving them 5% of our revenue share when MACC members approach us for an assessment using the attached form or personal introduction.

New this month, in an effort to support our local MACC restaurants and stimulate incremental business for Schooley Mitchell they are offering a no-risk/no-obligation $25 restaurant gift card to every business who schedules a video conference call with me over the next few weeks.  The goal is to educate local businesses on Schooley Mitchell’s contingency-based cost reduction programs.  Each business owner/decision maker (limit 1 per business) will receive a $25 gift card to a local restaurant just for scheduling a call with me.  Of course, we’d love for them to sign up for one of our programs but it’s not a requirement.  We feel that since business has slowed down for many, this is the ideal time for them to explore stretching their budget as much as possible and we are pros in doing just that.

Montcross Area Chamber Of Commerce Schooley Mitchell Savings Program