Attention all Concerned Gaston County Business owners: Let’s Help Keep Gaston Strong!

Championship Networks understands the severity of what our business community is currently undergoing. Over the last several days, Championship Networks has diligently worked to consult, implement, and in some cases develop late arrival Business Continuity (BC) plans and, on the fly, remote access solutions. Many businesses are unsure what to do during this time on a variety of items including just how to best prepare resources for remote work while not risking an interruption in the delivery of client services.

There is a benefit to us business owners operating commerce in Gaston County and it’s the access to an exceptional group of business leaders. It’s a group that cares about the prosperity of local businesses and its impact on the local community. Responsibility to the community is more than just a word in our town; it is our motive. For these reasons, we as a business feel compelled to do our part.

As the local IT company in Gaston County, the biggest impact we can hope to make is helping our local business community in remaining operationally sustainable.  Effective March 23, 2020, and currently through March 31st, Championship Networks will offer 100% free remote labor.  At no cost to any Gaston County small business, our team of technology experts will be available to consult, develop, and remotely implement remote access solutions for your small business. Allowing your greatest assets to work safely from their homes. Please understand this free labor is limited and will not include any equipment should it be needed. While as a company we will do everything possible to assist in delivering a helpful technology-driven solution, this will be limited in a scope we deem practical and will be confined only to remote access services and practices. Our motive is to assist those businesses most impacted or will be most affected by the Coronavirus and those not able to currently afford professional technology guidance. If this is not your business, then please allow us to conserve our resources for these businesses.

To ask for our help, please submit your emailed request to Include name, company name, address, a brief description of COVID-19 related challenge, number of needed remote employees, and best contact details. Please understand our priorities are with our established clients. Please be patient. We will respond to all requests submitted within 24 hours.

Thank you and help us, help you keep Gaston County Business Strong!

Shawn Davis

Championship Networks, LLC